The Survey-machine–quick start, fast survey

DutchWorkboats and Stema Systems are proud to introduce the ‘Survey-machine’ at Europort 2013 on stand 7015. This survey boat is in production once it is on location – it is a carefree money maker to her owners and surveyors keep high standards of data Read more

2020 meets IHO specs

R2Sonic has launched the new 2020 multibeam. Technical specifications promise R2Sonic quality, accuracy and flexibility. The IHO compliance test made us enthousiastic. A demo unit is available and we will be happy to share tests and results. Read more

Measuring Mud with Silas and DensiTune

In the January/February 2013 issue of Ports & Harbour, Port of Bristol's conservancy manager and port hydrograper, Mark Burrows, tells P&H about the UK port's difficult hydrographic requirements and the equipment it relies on to maintain depths. Read more

Belgian multibeam order

The Flemmish Government awarded Stema Systems the contract for the turn key delivery of a complete multibeam set on their seagoing vessels Hydro 1 and Hondius. In an open tendering procedure Stema provided the best balanced price-quality proposal. Read more

Sonic 2024 supports Cristobal Colon

The Belgian Jan de Nul group chose the Sonic 2024 system to support the worlds largest dredger. Accurate dredging at more than 100m waterdepth in remote offshore condition near infrastructure benefits from the unique capabilities of the 2024 system. Read more

Sonic Dual Head operational

R2Sonic’s Sonic 2024 has recently been tested in Dual Head mode by Stema Systems mounted on a surface vessel. After successful testing the 7 meter surveyvessel Karnic surveyed the fringes of several Dutch rivers and waterways. Read more

Silas - EBP-10 tackles mud survey problem

Surveying dredging progress in mud prone access channels is known to be a difficult task. Fluid mud migrating through the channel requires non standard techniques. Van Oord Dredging an Marine Contractor chose the Silas EBP-10 to tackle the proble Read more

DensiTune Portable

The DensiTune Portable is the next step in flexibility to manage the nautical depth and sedimentation processes in harbours, rivers and estuaries. Hand carried travel, battery operation, wifi connectivity all help to acquire density profiles in remote loc Read more

Automated winch system

Fully automated, computer controlled winch system. Suitable for deploying sound velocity probes, OBS, side scan sonar, Tune system and many other instruments. Read more

SILAS EBP-10, versatile echosounder/subbottom profiler

SILAS EBP-10, lightweight, versatile & fully digital echosounder and subbottom profiler system Read more

Sea Pilot Doppler Velocity Log

The Rowe Technologies SeaPilot family of DVLs represents the industry state of the art in acoustic doppler technology. The compact form factor and powerfull electronics, provide a versatile platform capable of producing precise bottom referenced velocity Read more

Sea Watch DVL/ADCP

The Rowe Technologies SeaWatch family of ADCP/DVL represents the industry state of the art in acoustic doppler technology. The flat array design provides a minimal form factor especially at low frequencies Read more
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